Smile Today #WednesdayWisdom

Smile today

Smile Today #WednesdayWisdom

It is Wednesday and Fall weather is finally here! A cold front came through NWA yesterday and it no longer feels like summer. Due to the beautiful, hoodie-wearing weather, I could not stop smiling today. Which made me think about how the small things in life can make a HUGE difference in our moods and change our day. It seems like when I’m in a great mood I want to share it with others. I hate when I’m having a great day and then a Debbie Downer comes along. Instead of letting that person bring you down, do something to build them up. Hold the door open for someone, let a car change lanes on the busy street, let the mom with kids use the big stall in the bathroom, simply smile at someone. You know those small things put a smile on your face, so be the person that does the same for another.

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